NEWS, JANUARY 16, 2018

Redshift. Chapter 2. Ready - 10% and recorded 69 videos, which include an interesting materials about the lighting. Very soon I'll upload the draft to the 2nd channel.


As promised, I began to record the remaining scheduled lessons in parallel. I'll tell you a secret - I invented the clone machine =) Now every clone does a separate lesson =) ahah =)So, now I started recording the long-awaited second part about Redshift.

Also launched the section "Tips and Tricks", in which I will throw the all answers to questions from the 2nd channel, but already with editing.

NEWS, December 18

Started recording a course for the main channel about creating the environment. In it I will analyze the all workflow, software, etc, etc. Naturally, as I promised - on the second channel, where the answers to the questions - I will load drafts without editing and ENG subs. So in the near future, wait for the video there and ofcourse with montage on the main channel + eng subs later.

Also I decided to write the all lessons at once, which are in the list. In turn, by the 1st part. So that subscribers don't languish with the expectation of the same Redshift and so on. Because if  I will record only one topic - it will be very long ..

And so - a variety of topics on the channel and no one misses, gets buns, etc etc =) All are happy =)

NEWS, November 25

Friends, today I posted the new schedule.

It is possible to navigate and see everything on what I'm currently working or planning to work.

With Ctrl + Left mouse button you can zoom in or out.

Moving just with the Left mouse button

I think it is much comfortable and clearer.

NEWs. October 29, 2017

The new video is already on my channel. I recorded it in honor of updating our render-farm

Timelapse delay, because there were bugs in one of the programs that I use. They are promised to correct on Wednesday. Then I will continue to record it. In Timelapse I will show the creation of a landscape and clouds. Render will be in Corona. In parallel to all this - began work on a huge lesson with voice acting, which will be a huge amount of software :smiley: So the lesson will be divided into several parts. How many of them there will be - I don't know =) Also in the near future, I think this week - I plan to release another video with the Octane test on the same servers.

NEWs. October 22, 2017

#Ornatrix #CGHair #3dTutorials

So, the 8th part of the 6th chapter on Ornatrix is already on Youtube!

It is includes files 97 - 148 =) That is - the montage is finished and this is the final part of this Chapter =)

Now I'm starting to create a new tutor from several parts. What kind? Check the schedule on my blog. I just updated it today =)

In parallel, I'm working on a new timelapse, which will be released shortly.

In it, I will show the creation of a world in World Creator, export to 3dsmax, a sketch of a composition of clouds in 3d-Coat and a render in Corona.

On this all =) Peace for all!

NEWs, October 15, 2017

Ornatrix 6.8 already on the Youtube =) RU subtitles is ready. Now working on the ENG sub and horraaayyy! It will be ready very soon =) 

NEWS, October 8, 2017

Now I render the result of montage =) Then - will download on youtube, make subtitles =) Yeah! 6.8 part is almost ready and it will be final in the 6th chapter =) Then I start a new lesson in the schedule. It will be hot =) Wait for the news! =)

NEWS October 2, 2017

Friends, Soon I will open a group in Discord, where you can communicate, ask questions on different 3d topics and I will answer on them as much as I can in my free time =) of course, to on which I know the answer =) maybe even video will be released. I will look ... There you can also share your endeavors =) and just communicate ... In general - wait for the news =) I fell in love with this app =) For Ornatrix, the group has already been launched, it remains to make a couple of settings and will be for this group = )

More on the news =) Now I'm assembling a new video with a forester, in which I will render it in Corona. Wool, leather and light settings.

In parallel I'm finishing Ornatrix 6.8 =) I'll show you the entire workflow for creating my blonde with a fringe and rendering into Marmoset.

News about the new tutorial. Part 13

Hooray! Part 6.7 is already available on Youtube! I'm going to montage 6.8. 

Total - 60% of the lesson is ready. 

6.7 includes 83-95 parts of 148, which are already recorded and are waiting for their hour =)