NEWs. October 29, 2017

The new video is already on my channel. I recorded it in honor of updating our render-farm

Timelapse delay, because there were bugs in one of the programs that I use. They are promised to correct on Wednesday. Then I will continue to record it. In Timelapse I will show the creation of a landscape and clouds. Render will be in Corona. In parallel to all this - began work on a huge lesson with voice acting, which will be a huge amount of software :smiley: So the lesson will be divided into several parts. How many of them there will be - I don't know =) Also in the near future, I think this week - I plan to release another video with the Octane test on the same servers.

NEWs. October 22, 2017

#Ornatrix #CGHair #3dTutorials

So, the 8th part of the 6th chapter on Ornatrix is already on Youtube!

It is includes files 97 - 148 =) That is - the montage is finished and this is the final part of this Chapter =)

Now I'm starting to create a new tutor from several parts. What kind? Check the schedule on my blog. I just updated it today =)

In parallel, I'm working on a new timelapse, which will be released shortly.

In it, I will show the creation of a world in World Creator, export to 3dsmax, a sketch of a composition of clouds in 3d-Coat and a render in Corona.

On this all =) Peace for all!

NEWs, October 15, 2017

Ornatrix 6.8 already on the Youtube =) RU subtitles is ready. Now working on the ENG sub and horraaayyy! It will be ready very soon =) 

NEWS, October 8, 2017

Now I render the result of montage =) Then - will download on youtube, make subtitles =) Yeah! 6.8 part is almost ready and it will be final in the 6th chapter =) Then I start a new lesson in the schedule. It will be hot =) Wait for the news! =)

NEWS October 2, 2017

Friends, Soon I will open a group in Discord, where you can communicate, ask questions on different 3d topics and I will answer on them as much as I can in my free time =) of course, to on which I know the answer =) maybe even video will be released. I will look ... There you can also share your endeavors =) and just communicate ... In general - wait for the news =) I fell in love with this app =) For Ornatrix, the group has already been launched, it remains to make a couple of settings and will be for this group = )

More on the news =) Now I'm assembling a new video with a forester, in which I will render it in Corona. Wool, leather and light settings.

In parallel I'm finishing Ornatrix 6.8 =) I'll show you the entire workflow for creating my blonde with a fringe and rendering into Marmoset.

News about the new tutorial. Part 13

Hooray! Part 6.7 is already available on Youtube! I'm going to montage 6.8. 

Total - 60% of the lesson is ready. 

6.7 includes 83-95 parts of 148, which are already recorded and are waiting for their hour =)

News about the new tutorial. Part 12

Hooray! Part 6.6 is already available on Youtube! 

I'm going to montage 6.7.

Total - 50% of the lesson is ready. 6.6 includes 72-82 parts of 148, which are already recorded and are waiting for their hour =)