NEWS, March 18, 2018

Regular news about the new tutorials =)

- Introduction to World Creator - 25%

- The Forester. Next Part - 20%

- Redshift Hair and skin - 70%

- Corona hair shader. The secret of realistic hair creation. Adjustment of the different shaders. - 40%

NEWS, March 12, 2018

Hello everybody! I didn't write news long time ago =)

So, now I'm started to recording a lesson about WorldCreator, 20% is ready and 73 videos are recorded. As soon as I'm done - I'll immediately upload it on the 2nd channel without editing.

Also in parallel - I continue:
- to record a new Making of for my project "Forester" and 15% is already ready.

- a new part for the "SheepDog" / Readiness - 70%

- a new topic "Tips & Tricks" and the first lesson for it about "Corona Hair and Skin Mtl" / Readiness 30%, already the first part of CoronaHair is on the channel and it remains to add titles.

- and also the answer to the question: "How to adjust skin and hair in Redshift?" / Readiness - 30%

Let me remind you that you can follow the progress of the all lessons HERE


Redshift. Chapter 2. Done - 80%,

I uploaded Redshift 2.2 to the channel and started to work with the subtitles.

So in a short time - you can see this part.

Total length of video with editing - 28min36sec.

Without editing on the 2nd channel - 64min35sec.

I think it is now clear why I'm doing the editing and the new sound =))


Redshift. Chapter 2. Done - 40%, edited 7min50sec for 2.2, which is equivalent to 45min without editing on the 2nd channel. Moving on.


Redshift. Chapter 2. Done - 20%, edited 11min35sec, which is equivalent to 26min without editing on the 2nd channel. Moving on.

NEWS, JANUARY 26, 2018

Redshift. Chapter 2. Done - 15%, edited 4min26sec, which is equivalent to 10min32sec without video editing on the 2nd channel. Moving on.

As you probably already understood - on the main channel there will be several parts about 15 minutes. Since, to download one large video and then edit it, as I did without editing on channel 2 - it is inconvenient. Who can't wait to see the whole chapter - you can already go to the 2nd channel and open the full video without editing.

NEWS, JANUARY 16, 2018

Redshift. Chapter 2. Ready - 10% and recorded 69 videos, which include an interesting materials about the lighting. Very soon I'll upload the draft to the 2nd channel.


As promised, I began to record the remaining scheduled lessons in parallel. I'll tell you a secret - I invented the clone machine =) Now every clone does a separate lesson =) ahah =)So, now I started recording the long-awaited second part about Redshift.

Also launched the section "Tips and Tricks", in which I will throw the all answers to questions from the 2nd channel, but already with editing.

NEWS, December 18

Started recording a course for the main channel about creating the environment. In it I will analyze the all workflow, software, etc, etc. Naturally, as I promised - on the second channel, where the answers to the questions - I will load drafts without editing and ENG subs. So in the near future, wait for the video there and ofcourse with montage on the main channel + eng subs later.

Also I decided to write the all lessons at once, which are in the list. In turn, by the 1st part. So that subscribers don't languish with the expectation of the same Redshift and so on. Because if  I will record only one topic - it will be very long ..

And so - a variety of topics on the channel and no one misses, gets buns, etc etc =) All are happy =)

NEWS, November 25

Friends, today I posted the new schedule.

It is possible to navigate and see everything on what I'm currently working or planning to work.

With Ctrl + Left mouse button you can zoom in or out.

Moving just with the Left mouse button

I think it is much comfortable and clearer.