News about the new tutorial. Part 6

148 parts are ready. Hooray! The recording of tutorial is over. I'm starting to voice and edit an it. Soon the first voiced part with subtitles for Patreon will appear. Wait for news =)

If you want to speed up the release - you know what to do =)

Link to Patreon ->

News about the new tutorial. Part 3

60 parts are ready. Analyse of the all modifiers on the Ornatrix panel is finished. I proceed to record the next parts about game hair.

News about the new tutorial. Part 2

43 parts are ready =) Already in them, almost the all modifiers on the panel were analysed. After full analysis I will start to review the hair for game. The lesson will be large and rich with useful information.

News about the new tutorial. Part 1.

So, I started the new tutorial with Ornatrix - Part 6.

And starting from this lesson I created a news branch here. In which I will write about the creation progress the new lessons.

Now I already have 29 recorded parts of the new tutorial =)

But I will start upload to the Patreon - the parts with a montage. So after when I will finish record the all parts - I will start to make the montage of them. Usually these 29 parts can easily turn into one with high-quality voice =)

I remind you, by supporting me on patreon you can speed up the release of new parts.