NEWS, May 27, 2018

Hello everyone =) I want to share the latest news with you - regarding my channel and tutorials in general =)

So, let's go =)

1. Starting today, I close the project with answers to questions on the 2nd channel - as some life plans have changed and I just don't have time for this. Therefore, on the 2nd channel - I'll upload only the drafts of the main channel. That is, the material without editing, which I then mount for the main channel. I upload it much earlier than I release the all tutorials on the main channel.

2. Very soon to be released the first edited part on Nvil and World Creator.

3. I started a lesson about the new Quixel Mixer, in which I will talk about creating a street road, exporting it into the UE4 and in 3dsmax + Vray + Railclone. I'll also talk about blend material and blendpainting in UE4 and an alternative in 3dsmax using the same vertex-paint.

4. I'm preparing a new making of about the creation of fantasy world with dunes.

5. Since Joseph with the braids made a big stir, especially on the 10K Facebook group (918 likes) and the people had a lot of questions to me - I decided to allocate time for creating a lesson on the main channel about my workflow, which I used in this work. For a long time there were no lessons on Ornatrix from me.

NEWS, March 31, 2018

The next news about my progress with tutorials =)

Introduction to World Creator -- 50%

The Forester. Next Part - 55% 

NVIL - 30% 

Redshift Hair and skin - 100% 

Corona skin shader. The secret of realistic skin creation. - 50%

NEWS, March 18, 2018

Regular news about the new tutorials =)

- Introduction to World Creator - 25%

- The Forester. Next Part - 20%

- Redshift Hair and skin - 70%

- Corona hair shader. The secret of realistic hair creation. Adjustment of the different shaders. - 40%

NEWS, March 12, 2018

Hello everybody! I didn't write news long time ago =)

So, now I'm started to recording a lesson about WorldCreator, 20% is ready and 73 videos are recorded. As soon as I'm done - I'll immediately upload it on the 2nd channel without editing.

Also in parallel - I continue:
- to record a new Making of for my project "Forester" and 15% is already ready.

- a new part for the "SheepDog" / Readiness - 70%

- a new topic "Tips & Tricks" and the first lesson for it about "Corona Hair and Skin Mtl" / Readiness 30%, already the first part of CoronaHair is on the channel and it remains to add titles.

- and also the answer to the question: "How to adjust skin and hair in Redshift?" / Readiness - 30%

Let me remind you that you can follow the progress of the all lessons HERE


Redshift. Chapter 2. Done - 80%,

I uploaded Redshift 2.2 to the channel and started to work with the subtitles.

So in a short time - you can see this part.

Total length of video with editing - 28min36sec.

Without editing on the 2nd channel - 64min35sec.

I think it is now clear why I'm doing the editing and the new sound =))


Redshift. Chapter 2. Done - 40%, edited 7min50sec for 2.2, which is equivalent to 45min without editing on the 2nd channel. Moving on.


Redshift. Chapter 2. Done - 20%, edited 11min35sec, which is equivalent to 26min without editing on the 2nd channel. Moving on.

NEWS, JANUARY 26, 2018

Redshift. Chapter 2. Done - 15%, edited 4min26sec, which is equivalent to 10min32sec without video editing on the 2nd channel. Moving on.

As you probably already understood - on the main channel there will be several parts about 15 minutes. Since, to download one large video and then edit it, as I did without editing on channel 2 - it is inconvenient. Who can't wait to see the whole chapter - you can already go to the 2nd channel and open the full video without editing.

NEWS, JANUARY 16, 2018

Redshift. Chapter 2. Ready - 10% and recorded 69 videos, which include an interesting materials about the lighting. Very soon I'll upload the draft to the 2nd channel.


As promised, I began to record the remaining scheduled lessons in parallel. I'll tell you a secret - I invented the clone machine =) Now every clone does a separate lesson =) ahah =)So, now I started recording the long-awaited second part about Redshift.

Also launched the section "Tips and Tricks", in which I will throw the all answers to questions from the 2nd channel, but already with editing.