News about the new tutorial. Part 3

60 parts are ready. Analyse of the all modifiers on the Ornatrix panel is finished. I proceed to record the next parts about game hair.

News about the new tutorial. Part 2

43 parts are ready =) Already in them, almost the all modifiers on the panel were analysed. After full analysis I will start to review the hair for game. The lesson will be large and rich with useful information.

News about the new tutorial. Part 1.

So, I started the new tutorial with Ornatrix - Part 6.

And starting from this lesson I created a news branch here. In which I will write about the creation progress the new lessons.

Now I already have 29 recorded parts of the new tutorial =)

But I will start upload to the Patreon - the parts with a montage. So after when I will finish record the all parts - I will start to make the montage of them. Usually these 29 parts can easily turn into one with high-quality voice =)

I remind you, by supporting me on patreon you can speed up the release of new parts.